Google Business Center Chinese version of the electricity supplier website can submit data

Google Merchant Center December 6th news: Chinese version already on the line, businesses of electronic commerce can provide the goods detailed data to the Google through this service, so as to gain access to more accurate and effective, convenient for users to search related products through the shopping search.

Google Merchant Center is a business oriented e-commerce merchants upload information tools. By Google Merchant Center, you can submit the electronic commerce website on the commodity information to the Google, the commodity information includes the name of the commodity, commodity description, image links, bar code number, brand, price and inventory and so on, through the audit, Google will included you submitted the products in the shopping search.

Google Merchant Center is a free service for sellers. This allows Google to get more accurate and timely data, these commodity data can attract buyers to click, so as to bring more traffic to your site or even buy.

The following figure

for your successful landing Google Merchant Center user interface:


Google Merchant Center after the user interface

on the submission of commodity information, Google recommends that you submit data through the XML format, the format specification can refer to Google’s commodity data Feed specification. After the first submission of data, Google needs a week of audit time. After the audit, you can go directly to the shopping search related products to verify the submission of the search, you can also search through similar to understand the overall situation of your site.


(Dangdang merchandise included information)

you may find that, even without the submission of Feed data, Google shopping search has been able to include the relevant information. These data are obtained by Crawl. But Google still recommends that you try to submit your product information in the form of data Feed. Because it can ensure that your promotional activities, inventory, etc. can be more accurately reflected in the Google search results. In this paper, by the station

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