The entity bookstore for multiple pressures ten years collapse nearly 50% losing competitiveness

digital incoming tide, photosynthesis, Forestsong, Jifeng Bookstore these well-known private bookstores such as Domino brand or die down, or waiting for rebirth, according to incomplete statistics, in the past ten years, nearly 50% private bookstores closed down. With the advent of the digital trend, physical bookstore will go to where


and in the media to explore the existence of the existence of the entity bookstore, the seemingly silent state chain bookstore is not calm.

"First Financial Daily" reporter obtained a relatively accurate information is that in recent years, with the increase in cultural consumption, physical bookstore book sales growth is still maintained at around 20%.

but there are relevant data show that, according to the book online retail accounts for the overall book retail market share of not less than 30%, the growth rate of more than 35%, an annual increase of market share of 9%, is expected to last 2013 and the next line bisection.

private Bookstore difficult turn

but the absolute advantage of the traditional growth rate does not appear in the private entity bookstore.

in July last year, has 17 years of history, the famous Beijing independent bookstore Forestsong posted a closure notice; the end of July, Shanghai Jifeng Bookstore also came the news of the closure; October, photosynthesis due to funding strand breaks temporarily shut down.

traditional entity bookstore, high cost, small flow." Fujian City Light Culture Communication Co., Ltd. chairman Cai Yuhai told this reporter.

has the person in charge of private bookstores have revealed that in recent years, a substantial increase in property costs, while book sales fell 40%.

and the removal of high rent costs, human resources costs, warehousing costs, private bookstores are difficult to get the support of many preferential policies. Like other industries, the tax burden has become the pressure to lose the competitiveness of the physical bookstore. The state-owned bookstores enjoy tax rebates, exemption from rent and materials sales advantages, network storage capacity, attractive discount bookstore, preferential purchase convenience, rapid development and growing digital publishing, under the pressures of private bookstores survival difficult.

but the private bookstore or to live the teeth.

December 20, 2011, the first chairman of the photosynthesis research sun pool face the media, she announced a plan to regenerate photosynthesis. In the future, the business model of photosynthesis, in addition to continue to retain the physical bookstore, but also the addition of brand promotion media and into the e-book market.

at the same time, the study has entered into a settlement agreement with nine Book providers, agreed to pay installments. Nine plaintiffs units have accepted the mediation agreement in the study of photosynthesis, the arrears will be discounted or installments repayment.

Exploration of traditional


in fact, whether or winshare in photosynthesis, to explore the future development of the road. Different >

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