Aliexpress double save 11 strokes boasted of buying Youtube ads all day long

for double 11, not only is the electricity supplier sellers once a year’s climax, but also for export sellers. The day before, billion state power network that the Alibaba’s export business platform aliexpress announced the 11 double play this year, to expand the layout from the preheating drainage, the expansion of the category and the various aspects of logistics customer service.

it is understood that this year 11 aliexpress platform focused on the work focused on three aspects: one is to support the high quality brand, push quality business; two is through the network shopping guide three is red drainage; to provide logistics speed through free logistics.

speed pass aspects, this year’s double 11, speed through the sale will be launched in advance of three weeks. The whole process is divided into three stages: the period from October 17th to October 27th campaign. At this stage, aliexpress in Youtube and Facebook through the advertisement dissemination campaign. At the same time, through interactive open coupons to attract passengers. On the same day in October 17th, the Youtube will be sold through the full day of the ad, the user opens the Youtube home page, you can see the speed of selling through the platform of double 11 information.

warm-up period from October 28th to November 10th. October 28th, the city will be listed on the platform carnival. Brand Carnival in the city, will launch 20 key brands every day, users can play games in the venue, do the task, and in exchange for coupons to attract traffic.

in addition to the usual new registration ceremony in the past year, COUPON spike, the audience full of red rain and other activities to reduce the way, this year also joined the popular fast selling red network guide. Three days before the double 11, aliexpress in key markets such as Russia, Spain, the United States and invited popular network to store goods with red ginseng and guide to the seller for drainage.

In addition to

, the double 11 interactive and fun, this year aliexpress will use the line shop resources in Russia opened the national treasure hunt, then, the line will be covered with a two-dimensional code containing treasure seed.

users scan code treasure can get points, at the same time, if the user will treasure the two-dimensional code to share with other users, can also obtain the integral, integral end can be converted into coupons and other treasures. In this way to increase the user’s activities in the double 11 shopping fun, but also for the seller to bring new traffic.

in terms of logistics, during the event, Russia, Spain and France will be the use of goods all worry free logistics delivery. Through free logistics, goods from the transaction to tuotou is expected to only 15 working days, and realize tingri. Speed pass said that this rate will be nearly double the 11 double last year.

According to Shen Difan, general manager of

, general manager of fast selling this year, through the sale of goods from the C2C platform upgrade to sell brand B2C platform. Over the past year, the platform buyers dispute rate reduced by 40%, while traffic is further concentrated to the quality of the business, the average transaction price of the platform sellers to improve more than 4 times.

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