n the future +OEM network steel business profit model of value-added services

"but what he did not wear clothes!" Andersen fairy tale "the emperor’s new clothes" in the global spread, and become China OEM Ma Yunzheng Pierce (OEM) between big brands and global subtle relationships that brave boy! Chinese industry experts believe that the way the enterprise is from OEM to ODM (original design manufacturer (OBM) and foundry business brands) to upgrade and eventually take the brand development route. This is an inevitable choice of history, and the contradiction between the transformation and intellectual property is not irreconcilable.

from the beginning of 2012, the steel industry has been four winter, from the beginning of winter in 2015, can be expected in the next 5 to 10 years, will be the winter. Faced with overcapacity, financing difficulties, a substantial decline in profit situation, steel prices fell to the level of 20 years ago, is of vital importance in the moment, need to be cautious. The future of OEM customization, perhaps let the electricity supplier to the steel industry may provide a big breakthrough.

fact: most of the big names from China OEM

Ma behind OEM and intellectual property: this world is changing amazing. It is understood that the Chinese manufacturing transition, Ma long ago in the Alibaba of OEM investor conference expressed their views, he believes that "the big brands usually use a lot of OEM, China has the most OEM in the world, they (the business) no channel, but suddenly found they can sell products through internet. (so) the production of genuine and fake goods may be the same factory, they are not necessarily worse than the genuine, and more competitive prices, they face not intellectual property issues, they are faced with the problem of new business models."

China become the "world factory", this is already a fact, especially in clothing, shoes and hats, bags, 3C, digital home appliances and other consumer goods, Chinese is the world’s largest producer, while the OEM model also supports most of the world’s famous brand goods, in other words, these products are actually China manufacturing.

In addition to the apple

as everyone knows case survey, most of Europe and the United States, international big luxury is through Chinese OEM factory production: in the home appliance industry, even the famous domestic appliances brand Haier, GREE, Midea and other enterprises, so far there are 30%~40% from OEM income. For example, in 2015 the United States OEM business about 56000000000 yuan, accounting for 40% of total revenue; for example, Whirlpool, the refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine production work completed by Hisense.

it is worth noting that, in the long term cooperation relationship with international brands, Chinese OEM enterprise production technology and management level, development ability has been considerable development, has the world-class factory level. It is these production and management basis for the development of independent brands of Chinese OEM enterprises, electricity supplier brand provides a solid foundation. In the field of home appliances 3C, in recent years, small

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