China bank and Alipay hand out rumor collapse of itself

April 23rd news, recently, Alipay and Chinese Bank jointly announced a formal cooperation. In the future Chinese bank users through Alipay shopping, payment and other new network life, at the same time for Alipay users, also have more choices. So far, 19 national banks including Bank of China, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, the postal savings bank, the six major state-owned banks and 32 regional city commercial banks have reached with Alipay online payment products cooperation.

at present, in the Alipay website cooperation column has added a new bank Chinese bank Logo. From Alipay also was informed that from now on, as long as the opening of China bank online banking services, Alipay users can conveniently complete the online shopping, online travel, pay utilities and other services. As for Chinese bank users, bid farewell to the Alipay online shopping history, safe and convenient online new life dream begins to become clearer.

"this will greatly facilitate up to 150 million users of Alipay," Alipay President Shao Xiaofeng told reporters, and China bank cooperation for Alipay users is particularly significant, "the cooperation with the Bank of China to allow more users to enjoy online payment safe and convenient, thus greatly enhance the customer experience."

Bank of China has also said that the cooperation will enhance the user experience in the Bank of China, and to attract more users to use the bank’s quality services. Therefore, the Bank of China and Alipay cooperation is win-win effect and important milepost significance for both sides.

in addition, Alipay also revealed that, as a long-term partner, in the next time Alipay and Chinese bank also launched a more popular service project. Currently, the two sides are actively preparing large-scale joint promotional activities, will soon be launched nationwide.

Analysys International analyst Cao Fei said that the cooperation with China bank transfer to the outside world of a positive signal, means that the third party payment industry and banking there are great opportunities for cooperation and space, and will facilitate people’s lives, save social resources and make greater development of electronic payment.

at the same time, this cooperation also let "escape from Alipay bank before the raise a Babel of criticism of" the rumor collapse of itself. Previously, the outside world have China bank and other banks have suspended because the cost of cooperation with Alipay in the credit card business. But in fact, before China banks did not establish cooperation with Alipay, this is the first cooperation between the two sides in the online banking business.

currently, Alipay is currently on the peak number of transactions reached 4 million pen, 90% through online banking or bank cooperation with Alipay cartoon business, which is behind the online banking activity significantly increased. In the field of life and other areas of livelihood and the bank’s cooperation is the domestic bank’s online financial services have a huge role in promoting, greatly meet the needs of users.

"cooperation with third party payment for bank and bank customers

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