Civilink partition domain name the new company (Charmdomain) has been registered in the CNNC busine

respect the latest news network April 17th meters, China million net’s domain online trading site domain name, and growing with the recent development of domain name investment and trading industry, climbed to more than 100 thousand registered users. Recently, there has always been a domain name from civilink detachment, independent operation and changed its name to "Charmdomain" message, this rumor has officially confirmed: Charmdomain (Beijing Charmdomain investment consultant Co. Ltd.) has appeared in the domestic CN domain name registrar CNNIC update list.


CNNIC CN domain name registration services website screenshot

it is understood that the domain name in 2000 by the CEO the founder of Mr. Yao Jinbo, after the successful acquisition and has Chinese civilink. Easy domain network is China’s earliest domain name online trading site, the most popular column is the domain name forum, registered users has reached 103668 people, of which more than 95% of the domain name investors. The latest update of the CNNIC CN domain name registration 49, like Chinese and Charmdomain nets so much the same group has two CN domain name registrar, in addition to the only global reciprocity and Guangdong reciprocity. An analysis of the industry professionals, the Chinese network split domain network set up a separate subsidiary to operate, and also separately apply for the domain name registrar CNNIC qualification, it is not difficult to see the intention. China million net domain users mostly for domestic enterprises, since the domain and related IDC services for enterprise users design and pricing, can not make the domain name the more than 100 thousand domain name investor satisfaction. To love and Chinese, a rich network of "domain name investor registrar to grab the market, and to set up a separate subsidiary to operate independently, and gradually developed into the professional domain investment service providers. "The domain name for the majority of users and investors, this is a good thing! You can choose more and more business registration, choice of service products will be more and more perfect!" the person finally expressed their views.

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