U.S. group transaction data behind the worries of the Carnival oppression small businesses

at the beginning of August, the U.S. group net COO dry Garvey in his personal micro-blog news release, "group purchase into the 1 billion 400 million era". And gives the screenshot shows: transaction volume: 1401119587, it seems, this is a carnival data.

in the next few months is still the consumer season. A large number of students who have the ability to consume and the price sensitive users, and the latter half of the year is the carnival of consumer spending.

according to the group 800 data, 2014 1-6 month, the U.S. group net transaction amounted to 2 billion 41 million yuan, 2 billion 11 million yuan, 2 billion 393 million yuan, 2 billion 414 million yuan, 2 billion 906 million yuan, 3 billion 134 million yuan, the first half of 2014 the overall transaction amounted to 14 billion 899 million yuan. In accordance with this growth trend, the U.S. mission network in 2014 to complete the annual turnover of 40 billion yuan of water is likely to target.

but this goal is not easy to achieve, is behind the new expansion of the United States Mission City station, the original station stationed in the city more men, and for various strategy against competitors.

, however, with the U.S. group data Carnival corresponds to the concerns from two groups:

is a beauty group contribution trading businesses, many group cooperation with the United States line of small and medium-sized businesses have gradually become the mission of the "sacrifice", want to pay high point, line, or line. On the other hand, the United States Mission grassroots salesman, in order to sprint higher trading volume, a huge pressure drop to the front line, forcing businesses these things, are operated by front-line staff.

small businesses: King terms when Hugh?

August 13th, voice of the economy "day 315" received a Tangshan ho complaints, said cooperation and beauty group ho restaurant, Mr. Ban beauty group in cooperation with other or all the group purchase platform, revenue advice of previous cooperation increased from 8% to 12%. To this end, he said puzzled, why can not cooperate with the United States and the United States to cooperate with other platforms do business with the needs of multiple platforms, but also should have the freedom to choose marketing.

actually, in line with such unpleasant experience businesses be too numerous to enumerate. Cooperation with the U.S. small businesses are increasingly passive, especially the lack of the right to speak of small businesses." Zhejiang, a local chain manager KTV said. According to the memory manager, from the second half of 2013 began, the overall style of the United States Mission frontline began to change. The biggest change comes from the need to sign up for exclusive and lowest price agreements "coercion"".


is called, the provisions of the contract, if signed a cooperation agreement with the United States exclusive, so some revenue may be only 5%, if you do not sign an exclusive, the revenue advice may be 15%. The so-called lowest price agreement, the merchant and other platforms are not the same as the price of cooperation in the United States, or as a breach of contract.

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