How to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce companies

e-commerce companies are trying to improve the site conversion rate, emphasizing the user experience of the site, but ignored the traditional way of communication – telephone. One of the reasons why web visitors give up buying is that they prefer to communicate directly with their customers. According to ForresterResearch research, more than 70% of customers want to use the phone to get the answers they want and help, but many companies because of customer service costs and phone calls do not provide telephone consulting services.

, America’s largest online shoe Zappos is different from the general e-commerce company, they will contact the phone show at the top of each page, and to encourage customers to communicate by phone. Zappos describes itself as a business (High-Touch) rather than High-Tech (high tech), but provides phone contact to maximize conversion.

Zappos CEO think they are different from other sites that they like to talk with customers. The phone is not only for sale, more important is to let customers feel happy shopping, show the enthusiasm of Zappos, the new call center staff training in customer service, Zappos is trying to make them get rid of the bad habit of quickly answering the phone, call that a full communication with customers; if the library is not needed by the customer or deposit size shoes in Zappos, will not hesitate to recommend consumers to a competitor’s website to buy this product. In short, Zappos to the customer experience as the highest standard, not over the telephone service rate of return on investment. The competition of electronic commerce should not only be the competition of price, but also need to promote the competition of service. Each call is set up in the brand, good reputation brings free publicity.

to do so, the effect is obvious, 90% of new customers are old customers account recommended from the monument, sales of 75% from the old customers. New guests for the first time consumption of about $112, while the average amount of consumer back $143. In addition to products, excellent service is the formation of word of mouth, to attract customers back, the key to increase sales.

according to statistics, the average conversion rate of ten sites in the United States the highest average conversion rate of the company is about 10 times the company, their secret is to establish a good relationship with customers and drive customers to buy repeatedly. Provide free telephone service is not a small cost, but it is a very valuable channel, can fundamentally as part of marketing investment, advertising investment to improve the customer experience, and then let the customer for our advertising". Want to see more sites can be placed in a prominent location contact number.

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