Network marketing and promotion of a kind

With the combination of

mobile terminal and PC terminal gradually, the Internet is becoming more and more perfect, in every corner of life are filled with internet presence, and more and more traditional companies are also actively looking for opportunities to embrace the Internet, these directly spawned a new occupation: network marketing. Because the network marketing threshold low, so the influx of a large number of unsuccessful in various industries, but successful people are part of a few

, why?

one, the collision between reality and ideal — phenomenon

many people hold the promise of teacher training into the annual salary of hundreds of thousands of this industry, hard hair every day outside the chain, with Q mass advertising is not flow and ranking to improve each month, take thousands of dollars and the basic wage is far from ideal. Sometimes hard to do some traffic, the conversion rate of the poor. 35 months later the boss patience to pack up and leave. Then think of their own work did not find the wrong place where dear, you do that is the network promotion, the Internet is the bottom of the work, not what you think of the network marketing…..


empty advice: don’t go directly to the enterprise website after the end of operation work, can go to the network, precipitation, learn, learn how to do network marketing, then think of other.

two, the impact of the promotion of marketing and guide marketing – select

The promotion of the

network we can understand it is marketing, which is a wide net marketing, is to rely on luck, such as forums, QQ group promotion, WeChat made a circle of friends and other direct push hard advertising, good luck may have some advice, bad luck may even have no traffic, this is why we are willing to do so much work but could not see the effect. The equivalent of our paved road, we stand on the other side of the road, waiting for the target customers to come to us, but imagine, under the current "resistance", this road will be how many people will go?

network marketing we can understand it is to guide marketing, just like word of mouth marketing, is to guide the user through the user, so that the use of our products for us to speak, it is better than any of our promotion. As for this Taobao shop to do the very place, city had had such experiences, because of the need of business, need a batch of QQ, at the time of the purchase the boss just sent the account number and password, security question etc. to give praise, so through some restrictions to be praised, get a good reputation. Although repugnant, but it is very good. The same way, on both sides of the road is to encourage him to move forward, so that the effect will be better?

three, collision between execution and Strategy — essential

blog promotion along with the blog marketing, BBS promotion along with the forum marketing, although the word meaning is very similar, but it is the essential difference. Promotion, the need is excellent execution, the task is not able to arrange >

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