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I do

04 years of passion, changed several themes, operating a local portal website. 05 years to sell the station, of course, did not sell how much money. From then on my business to help others to do, go the civilian route, which is the focus of the site of some small and medium-sized companies are not willing to take the 2000 dollars to the following list. This is because of the business relationship, and I have a lot of personal AdSense and quasi webmaster have contact. I do so long through the construction site, I found that at least half of my website for personal webmaster and quasi webmaster, reason and the establishment of the station’s goal is impetuous; I asked a few stationmaster, why did they do this? We can also think, as the starting point of our website, and what is the purpose of


they gave me the answer is this:

1. "I found this site very beautiful / very reasonable / interesting……" (imitation station);

2. "A lot of people / no one / nobody has ever done this, and I’m going to have a try." (specify the frame design class);

3. "A station / station / industry station…… At present, the popularity is very high, I do not want that high, as long as 1/10 / 1/5 / 1/3…… Just meet." (specify class design class,


4. "I haven’t done a website, a lot of people are doing, I also try to do." It doesn’t matter what kind of people I have a headache, most of them are two days after the end of the list of three days to tell you not to do or I finished and found that simply can not find people.

5. "We’re in this area / I’ve found a certain kind of theme / no such large web site, I think it can be done" (local service class, resource aggregation class);

6. Why do you care so much about me?. I would have done it myself, I was too lazy to do it. You will do it for me "(installed B class, not in the column of this article).


these answers, is there anything you do stand for? If there is, then congratulations, you do not have any hope that nine out of ten station. Because your starting point is wrong. The wrong starting point out, resulting in the change of gravity of the whole site, the site is not in accordance with the reasonable direction – of course you must emphasize their own web site is entirely because of love and justice, I have no way, do not care only in order to cool their own website there is no development, not discussed in the scope of this paper. This article is to discuss, the site for whom


I personally believe that the reason why a site was established, there is only one reason, that is required. Every mature (successful) web site, people are generally very need that kind of, such as the laggards and webmaster network (these two stations are well known, not advertising it), it is the majority of grassroots

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