nternet marketing, nternet marketing thinking

in recent years, more Internet marketing about the "entrepreneur" deeply attracted many people’s eyes, unfortunately, although these marketing case in the concept of "Internet thinking" on the small fire, but eventually as the stones thrown into the sea, then stirred up a spray, will be caught in more calm.

from the programmer to resign fruit, Huang Taiji pancakes, to Zhu Shijian Chu orange, and then to the 90 Liu Kenan elephant condom, then someone out on pin 20 thousand today sell cantaloupe…… This is a remarkable beginning and seemingly brilliant record so many people beat the blood on the Bay, could not help but want to use the Internet ready to, this amazing platform do something together. Wait a minute, we first look at them in the end is how successful.

first of all, you have to have a very good product, if not, they should be packed in particular excellent. For example, Huang Taiji pancakes, actually not necessarily other more delicious pancakes, but Huang Taiji through other supporting services package, Leng will an ordinary pancakes sold to the taste of the one and only. For example, Chu orange, is a specialty of Yunnan specialty + Bingtang navel orange, sugar, really can count on selling point, but compared to other oranges, may not be able to take full advantage of. It wins is that someone comes out to do sales for it. Also for example the elephant condom brand than to sell expensive, than the brand quality may not be good, but one look at the concept of marketing, we are not friends and customers, but for the design, also called "the elephant and its friends". To be unique. Therefore, the product is the first.

but there is only a good product is not enough, in the product differentiation increasingly reduced today, a good product and can not support the existence of an enterprise. So you have to have a special unique marketing model. Open the door to engage in chain stores, stalls, selling? No, there will be a few people pay attention to? At this time, the Internet thinking to the disaster caused by flooding water. How to sell? At the voice call? Of course not, not out of the packaging of products value is not so? The whole website to promote, a food head, the label affixed to the body, what the use of raw materials, the best to set up factories, a slow hand without restriction, and finally the use of psychological marketing: "I do not want to sell this product, but how much you need this product"……

wait a minute, there is no feeling that this pattern is true, millet is familiar?. This is a replica of the millet mobile phone! What is different, these products are not "high quality and low price, and in marketing, in addition to hunger marketing, also added a so-called Internet thinking, here we can be understood as a unique way of thinking and a the traditional marketing is different and, as in the Internet thinking. How do? Others manage to provide more and better services, such as free parking lot, the door for the warm welcome, I don’t, I will tell you how to stop, if be punished because of the parking problem, I give free snacks for compensation; "

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