Uncover the website of the network marketing mysterious veil

often someone asked me how to do network marketing? What is the network marketing skills? Micro-blog marketing benefits, micro-blog marketing skills, how do the micro-blog marketing and so on, here Shanghai Yongcan Xiao Tong doesn’t want to say this, more want to share the website construction, website design knowledge.

in Shanghai Yongcan Xiao Tong’s eyes, most of the marketing that will eventually fall into a basic point (this view is only for ordinary business users) that is website construction. I often see a lot of companies put a lot of effort and money into the SEM, SEO, social class platform, but the most basic point has not caught.

said the construction site, we first analyze the next ordinary visitors looking for placenta, he can through what channels to go — Baidu, the industry portal platform, Alibaba and so on, we assume he searched the placenta, the emergence of a large number of companies. Here’s a search for a bid to do the following:

this is Baidu ranked first in the company

this is Baidu ranked second website

ranked third site

we first analyze the user looking for placenta psychological needs in the network, the purchase of placenta people most certainly of beauty is high, your website can make people good to hear or see this is certain, but this is just superficial needs, what is more deep-seated needs that? One of the weaknesses of human nature, do not trust between strangers and do not trust, so how can we let customers know what we do through the network, to trust our


picture + text description is not the first, although spent a considerable price for advertising on the Internet, but one of his most important problem is not resolved, at first thought it was engaged in tourism? All scenic photos, second than the first should be a little bit better, at least here is a little boy to tell you this is the Swiss health center to you, you see the real environment, this one is much better than the first. And the style of foreign countries, to advocate the attractiveness of foreign consumer groups, but he has a point is only from one dimension of his credibility. There is an important point, the text of the picture is not eye-catching.

we look at the third, he let visitors very clear understanding of the positioning of the site, the site is what to do, to give customers a limited range, and then through the big attraction, show a variety of different dimensions of credibility, through his’s founder, build credibility by hot events.

from the above a few screenshots I believe that everyone should have some ideas in their hearts, a good site, a sense of vision can not be ignored, this is a must, the most

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