SaaS foreign trade enterprises Xiaoman technology announced by the B round of 35 million yuan financ

news August 15th, enterprise SaaS service company Xiaoman technology announced the completion of 35 million yuan B round of financing, the investor is qiming. In March this year, just to get the technology Xiaoman fortune venture capital A+ round of investment. This round of financing will be used to create technical barriers, enhance market penetration, to consolidate the status of foreign trade in the field of SaaS ".


"technology was founded in July 2012, is a focus on enterprise service Internet Co, to provide SaaS services to small and medium-sized enterprises through cloud computing and big data, to help small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises in the rapid generation of intelligent management and customer orders to improve operational efficiency, reduce the waste of resources.

According to the introduction of

Xiaoman science and technology, the export sector has been an important component of Chinese GDP therefore, 500 10000 export enterprise informatization construction has become a huge opportunity. According to incomplete statistics, the current market size of foreign trade information industry in the tens of billions. In the foreign trade enterprises from extensive management to fine operation of the transformation of the trend, the information market has surged year by year, including foreign trade SaaS services market is showing a few times the growth rate.

science and technology humanities Hirosuke founding Xiaoman said that in addition to the existing core products Xiaoman CRM, Xiaoman will focus on business pain point to provide more products, such as foreign trade enterprises just need another overseas marketing, launched for small and medium-sized enterprise marketing cloud products, through the whole process of enterprise marketing.

addition, in terms of efficiency and communication, the new product in beta, more products are expected to be launched this year, with the launch of a series of new products, "provides integration of SaaS services for foreign trade enterprises, to help foreign trade enterprises to upgrade.

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