The event marketing behind the lesser known mishap

this is a business and individuals are in the pursuit of rapid development of the fast times, especially on the network. Because the Internet has created a wealth of myth, the myth has been spread to more and more of god. So people began not calm, whether it is the Internet business or personal webmaster, to pursue the goal of getting rich quickly. So in such a strong demand, one after another in order to pursue rapid fame to make money fast network marketing tools and promotion methods began to be respected. But in the "fast" behind the more it is little known and flawed! Event marketing is born in such a background, then the event marketing as a result of fast era of network marketing, and how little is known about the mishap?

event marketing

event marketing is also known as speculation, and now through the event marketing overnight fame is too much. As long as you have the money, can withstand the pressure of public opinion, then you are likely to become famous overnight through such marketing. But it is not to say that anyone who wants to become famous overnight will be able to become famous overnight, because in the back of the station is a complete organization of the planning team (also known as network push hands). Are home to tell you the event marketing is a sophisticated planning planning team for your business or personal website or to create a unique selling point, and then help the reprint spread on the Internet and hire a lot of water. Finally, through the media publicity to achieve the rapid rise of popularity.

I believe that a successful event marketing its basic characteristics are: must be controversial. The more controversial a thing, the faster the spread, the wider, the higher the degree of concern. And behind the planning team should be able to better control this controversy, to guide the direction of public opinion in order to achieve the best publicity. By the means of event marketing, you can let the enterprise website, or personal moment perhaps it will do known to all, to bring some considerable income for you, but behind it brought mishap more worthy of our consideration.


event marketing mishap

hired Internet marketer for its famous manufacturing gimmick, hire a large number of Navy propaganda finally should hire media interview. And all this is far more expensive than the cost of marketing tools. And we all know that the means to achieve the purpose of the moment is not long. Event marketing is also the same, perhaps at this moment you are the focus of this event is hot but perhaps the next moment you will be replaced by the hot focus of others. Your fame or success is just a flash in the pan, and if you want to continue to become famous then you only have to continue to pay, continued to create a gimmick to attract the attention of others.

event marketing is like a drug, once you touch event marketing taste that moment of fame pleasure, then you will get out of hand. Spend more and more money, more make more gimmick but the effect is getting worse, because people are tired. You may be very attractive at first, but you

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