Why Is Staff Augmentation Beneficial for Your Business

first_img Pinterest LinkedIn By CBN 0 Tumblr Twitter Google+ Why Is Staff Augmentation Beneficial for Your Business?Hiring all specialists to work in your in-house team is surely a perfect way of doing business – you have everyone working under one roof, physically available and committed to the project. But is that always reasonable and cost-effective? What about peak periods when you need a couple of extra developers or when local talents sky-rocket their rates? In such situations, hiring in-house is not a wise solution as you need to provide that new staff with work and salaries even after the rush period is over. It is too costly and time-consuming since you will need to provide them with social package, pay taxes for them, purchase additional equipment for their workplaces, etc. A great alternative to full-time employment exactly for such cases is staff augmentation – a new flexible staffing model that quickly gains popularity in the IT sector. In this article, experts of Qubit Labs review the concept and its major benefits for IT businesses.What Is Staff Augmentation?Staff augmentation may be defined as an employment of required talent to close the skill gap; it takes different forms ranging from getting a temporary employee from a staffing vendor to work in your office to hiring an entire team that works in the vendor’s office on your project. By working with vendors providing staff augmentation services, most companies manage to achieve the cost-efficiency and flexibility they require to keep a competitive advantage. In such a way, they have exactly the number of coders with exactly the tech stack needed by the client at the right time.5 Main Benefits of Staff AugmentationSo, why do companies increasingly prefer to resort to staff augmentation instead of traditional hiring models? Here are five main reasons for this:1. FlexibilityWhile with full-time employees, it’s your task to provide them with full workload to be able to pay them the established salary and earn revenue, temporary employees make it much easier to adapt the company’s staffing to the current workload. Moreover, you can choose the country for your remote team to cut operational cost but keep the quality on the high level.2. Greater choice of talentThe number of employees you can hire to the headquarters is usually finite; so, you need to choose among candidates and sometimes sacrifice some tech stack aspects for the sake of others. With augmented staff, there will be no more tradeoffs as you can always get the needed specialist to the team, no matter how narrow and specific his/her technical abilities are.3. Cost-effectivenessSince it is you who define the outsourcing destination, you can choose the most cost-effective location for you offshore developers. You can provide them with generous social package which will cost you less due to lower living standards in the given country.4. Enhanced expansion potentialCompanies often fear expansion with new clients and new order load because of the limited staffing they may afford. However, with augmented staffing, any business can handle times more orders by keeping the core staff and PMs in office, while large augmented teams may work on the projects overseas.5. Optimal control and managementAlthough your team is offshore, you get full control over them – define and set task, check their performance, etc.Augmented Staff: Innovative Hiring OptionAs you can see, staff augmentation offers the flexibility and responsiveness to client’s requirements that IT businesses need and advances business survival and profitability. We recommend all business owners to optimize their staffing costs by trying staff augmentation since it opens access to a broader talent pool and allows attracting the needed developers on a project basis without paying any extra penny.center_img Facebook Email Why Is Staff Augmentation Beneficial for Your Business? on March 27, 2019 E-Headlines Share.last_img

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