Man gets obese copassenger to pay him 150 to compensate for taking

first_imgMan gets obese co-passenger to pay him $150 to ‘compensate’ for taking extra room Blog March 4, 20195 Commentscenter_img A man sparked a furious debate online after he charged an obese man $150 for taking up some of his seat on a flight.A passenger sparked a furious debate online asking whether he was wrong to charge an obese passenger for taking up some of his seat during a flight.The man shared on Reddit how he asked his fellow passenger to pay him half the cost of his flight ($150) to ‘compensate’ for the discomfort caused for taking up ‘one fourth’ of his seat.The traveller explained that it was a five-hour flight and that he had specially chosen an aisle seat in a row of two for more comfort.When he asked a flight attendant if there was anything she could to help, he was told the flight was full and so had to stay put.The obese man accepted the bill and paid in cash to the surprise of other other passengers on board who ‘shot him angry glares’.“He instantly agrees, pulls out cash and pays me. He even told me he appreciated it,” the post reads.The internet was divided with many users agreeing he should have billed him, whilst others thought it was an unfair solution and the man was guilty of fat-shaming.last_img

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