10 tools to help your site succeed

1 Google Analytics

in addition to providing statistical items for other statistical sites, Google Analytics’s biggest feature is to provide Pay-Per-Click data, and I like it not to show any icon in the web.

2 Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provides utility very much, so it can tell you how Google look at your site, such as the index which pages, there is no dead links, search keywords ranking, internal and external link,.

3 SEOmoz’s Strength Page Tool

for your site to provide more than 10 SEO data, you can according to these data for SEO, for example, I now think of is to some of the entries in the Wikipedia to do a link to their own.

4 Sitening.com’s SEO Analyzer


is also a SEO analysis tool, but Tool and SEOmoz’s Page Strength, which is derived from the internal site data analysis results, such as web page structure, source code, internal connection, page size and so on, the tools need to be registered before use, in addition, my blog this tool score is out of 100 points.


5 Mike’s Marketing Tools

provides N free Marketing Tools Search Engine Rankings, for example, can test multiple keywords of your site in a number of search engine rankings, no longer need to check one by one, greatly saves your time. Link Popularity Tool to help you see the major search engine how many backlinks engine, the reverse link is very important on the SEO.

6 Summit Spider Media’s Simulator

Search Engine Spider Simulator, take a look at what your site is in the spider eye, a good tool to optimize the page.

7 SelfSEO Speed Page Checker

site speed, you can compare several sites, of course, if your site in the country, this tool is no reference value, because the speed is too slow.

8 Dead Links Checker>

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