My shop has become a new choice for college students to start a business

I shop

‘s "Shopex" ( is the largest B2C independent online shop platform, B2C website is changing people’s shopping habits, online shopping more hope in the professional brand shop to buy some goods. Many college students in response to the Taobao shop, but also want to have their own independent shop. And my shop free open so many students want to take this platform to enter the electricity supplier industry to gold.

2010, the employment of college graduates nationwide video conference on the Ministry of education minister Yuan Guiren said: "the negative impact of the international financial crisis on China’s employment has not been eliminated, if 2009 is China’s economy the most difficult year, 2010 is probably the most complex of the year, the macro level, the employment situation is very severe. 2010 graduate employment situation is much more severe than the 2009." More graduates can also work hard to find that reaction, have a tendency to want to start your own business. However, venture capital is essential, relatively speaking, the choice of my shop is a small cost, small risk, the least effort of a project.

not only fresh graduates, at present, college students in their spare time to start a business is not in the minority. According to statistics, the rate of Chinese college students’ Internet access is 84%, and the rate of Internet access between teachers and students in Beijing is as high as 97.6%. In addition, 56.4% of college students take the Internet as the main channel to obtain information. September 28, 2010, 2010 National Network Entrepreneurship contest officially launched in beijing. The main purpose of this competition is to guide and support college students to start their own businesses, improve their entrepreneurial and employability. The network business, most students chose to do business to open shop. My shop is undoubtedly a good choice.

in the Seventh Conference on network operators, Alibaba chairman of the board Ma predicted that: "e-commerce is changing people’s life, is expected to have 50% companies will use e-commerce in the future 10 years!". E-commerce is more and more mature, in which the B2C site is a blue ocean, small sellers are familiar with this business model, the establishment of an independent shop, in line with the development trend of e-commerce. College students to enter this market, it is necessary to understand the B2C independent shop. My shop is undoubtedly the first choice for college students to enter the market platform.

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