Double 11 just finished double to the electricity supplier sales of 12 to reduce consumer fatigue


double 11 promotion war has not yet subsided, black Friday shopping spree is just in transit, cut the hand of the party who once again usher in a test of the "double 12" Shopping Festival is coming. And the 11 is different, the battlefield of the promotional activities transferred from the PC side to the mobile client, promotional activities are no longer simply buy buy buy". "Date" with Lin Chiling Lin Dan to teach you to play "and other special auction, as well as the" 40 thousand Suites for nouveau riche ", dry cleaners pick clothes dry cleaning and other special forms and categories of promotional activities have also joined the double 12 Festival promotion. However, experts said that although the dual 12 launched a lot of new gameplay, but after the enthusiasm of the consumer is consumed 12 double, double the effect of the promotion will not be too good 11.

12 Taobao push alternative auction will be the main battlefield

this year ‘double 12’ will strive to build a mobile phone Taobao, providing one-stop life services to allow users to experience the one million life." Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng said. As Zhang Jianfeng said, this year’s 12 promotional activities and a month ago, compared to the end of the double 11, to participate in promotional category and tricks are more diverse. Such as Taobao launched the offbeat auction, "Lin Chiling private meeting with 15 minutes, 1212 yuan" to participate in the eighty-seventh annual Oscar awards 9999 yuan "and" Lin Dan personally guided play and send signature gift boxes, the starting price of 1000 yuan and other offbeat auction.

addition to the alternative auction gimmick, Taobao real estate channel also reached a cooperation with 500 projects, jointly launched the 40 thousand sets of listings, online payment can be the highest in the province to pay 30% down payment. In addition, Taobao has 100 thousand real name certification aunt cleaning, in the double 12 day of the 27 cities can enjoy a $5 / hour cleaning service. Taobao has changed from a simple shopping platform to life platform.

addition to the diversification of promotional category, the main battlefield of the two 12 promotions also changed. From the 11 main battlefield PC end to the mobile terminal transfer. According to public data show that this year the double 11 shopping Carnival a total turnover of 57 billion 112 million yuan, compared with growth of 57.7% last year, wireless terminal turnover reached 24 billion 300 million yuan, accounting for 42.6% of the total turnover, is 4.54 times last year mobile transactions. 11 on the same day there are 119 million users to log on the phone Taobao, daily UV (independent visitors) reached 80 million.

may be aware of the infinite potential of the mobile terminal, Taobao will double this year, 12 of the main battlefield of the transfer to the mobile client. Zhang Jianfeng said: the development of wireless terminals exceeded our expectations, may also exceed the expectations of the business. Now many businesses have more than 50% of the traffic from the wireless side, Taobao has become the largest mobile phone consumer living platform."

China Electronic Commerce Association Network Marketing Promotion Center Director Ren Ren in the reception of the new network IT channel interview also said: this year’s double 12, Taobao layout is mainly based on the mobile terminal. From this year’s turnover of 11 pairs of Tmall contributed to the point of view, wireless end

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