Web site should not only have content but also users can invest

many marketers are talking about "content marketing, " I can think only content marketing is not enough, also need to introduce " into " marketing; this concept is more content to allow users to put into words, these content strategy is a failure.

of course you must first define the " input " marketing; the success of user behavior, what kind of investment? Maybe some sites only need to attract users to read " " real; even if the input, some sites require users to subscribe to " " is input, or must be " registered members; " is input.

After the

definition of a good investment, one must think, how can the user input content? The author thinks that many websites set up get a shopping cart, do a lot of art design, but when the web site to promote, and finally to think about the content of the website, this is the wrong way.

your website is not because it is very beautiful and let you make money, you can not rely on shopping cart on the hope that consumers can pay, you must have the ability to allow consumers to invest in content to achieve the purpose of.

means that you have to have not only the content of the reader, which must also enable users to invest. Every person entering the site is always thinking:

(1) this site is in line with my needs (see if I want to find a website?)

(2) this site is trustworthy (based on my experience, the site seems to be trustworthy?)

(3) does this website have what I want? (can I find what I need?)

(4) if I bought something on this site, what would I expect? (I’m looking forward to what services will be available?)

(5) of this website is what provisions? (whether some deceptive provisions?)

if the above questions are questions or are not satisfied, you may leave at any time.

I suggest the following 10 ways, so that you can allow users to invest instead of opening the door to close the page:

(1) to the site to create a unique flavor

here is to establish the characteristics of the site, allowing users to feel different from other sites. This difference may be due to the different properties of the site, and this feature must be consistent throughout the page of the site, and can not take the lovely wind, some are very serious.

for example, some websites often go to imitate more successful website, but is often a mere copycat, will allow users to think a web sites only, and not have their own website features.

(2) >

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