Baidu Q & a how to achieve marketing results

Baidu Q & a marketing in the entire network marketing in the proportion of growing, many people have found that it is a time-saving and efficient network marketing.

Q & a content: Baidu crawl are in accordance with the keywords to grab, so the content of the question to use some of the long tail keywords. If you find the key words to write answers more trouble, or do not know what is the keyword when also can use some platform to do, recommend the use of "Bo Yang software" Baidu know copywriting function to write and publish copy answers.

account registration: registration account must use a different mailbox, even if the account name, ask questions issued will have a great impact, and easy to be titles, an account corresponding to a mailbox is the best way to

Baidu released: Baidu know the audit is very strict, if you want to manually publish,

the first step: to prepare a large number of trained, experienced old number

!The second step: to buy a

IP converter with two different number of answers to the questions in this operation can ask the survival rate of eighty-five percent or more! If you change account, a number of more trouble, you can also use the third generation platform operation, recommend the use of "software" Baidu know Bo Yang answers. Release function. He is at technology under the name of Bo Yang pomg one-stop marketing management in one of the questions of the software,

Web links, micro signal, telephone, QQ, can be added, and the success rate of up to 95%

summary: Baidu know how to do can play a role in promoting, first of all need to pay attention to the question is undoubtedly the question. Due to the current Baidu know the audit is very strict, so the promotion of simple questions are often unable to pass, we must continue to innovate a better way to release and the correct use of the third party platform

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