Experience medical portal to improve the flow with new tactics

In April 25th,

got to listen to a doctor network (www.qe.cn) organized the "portal website content editing techniques of medical lectures, great gains. Attend the lecture of President Qi Shudan, seeking medical treatment network operations director Ying Xingping and SEO circle dark horse Qiushi and each big station consists of hundreds of medical industry.

speaker Zhang Xiaopeng is to say this: a good website, the website is the soul, can not thinking, but people are thinking, editing every article, every word and action, every topic, should be thought into them.


site only has a soul, the viewer can feel when browsing the web site brought the transfer of ideological culture, so as to cause mental resonance, this is also the reason why many websites quickly and successfully, because the idea of relationships between them and the viewer, by editing the hand, will be the site of the concept of transfer out.

to create the soul of a simple way to have three points 1 original, the theme of the 2, the 3 hype.

original articles can not only display your website and others, to users of fresh information, but also can play a very good effect in the search engine, the original article, can even become the news source of Baidu. The medical doctor network channel (http://s.med.qe.cn) is doing well, can learn from.


project is one of the standards embodied in a website of quality content, whether there is quality, in addition to column organization, editing, see is special. There are several major aspects of the topic: the direction of the determination, the organization of the content, the production of the page, the realization of the function. Hot ability and selectivity of content, whether sustained attention, whether the short-term focus are special direction, content selection is to see whether the content of the topic to find, whether it is illegal, the other two are doing very well, I will not say. Short term, the best monthly 1~2, hot topics, the best 2 months 1.

Zhang Xiaopeng stressed: now the network community, not the era of technology is king, and the fundamental, is the content." Robin Li openly talked about, the reason why Baidu can outperform Google, because Baidu will do community, community, is to do culture, culture.

, he talked about all of us are concerned about the topic of speculation, the table is static, such as the lake, to bring you only pen paper friction. "Hype is not flicker, a lot of people are actually very disgusted with the hype, I think the hype is a lie, in fact, not, if you pay attention to the details of the side, in fact, every well-known website is a master of hype." The first sentence is so classic, no wonder the content network". "Tianya, mop.com, why there is so much traffic, so many people care about, cursing online mop.com also many, but why can mop.com financing because of his ability to hype?." So they can’t comment on it.

"how can a website fire quickly?"

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