The middle of the forum to promote the award of the building activities

May, the soldiers wrote an article about the local non official forum how effective promotion and construction of the article, by a lot of people’s attention. The last time to make friends in Zhejiang as a case, analyzes the characteristics of forum and other issues, afterwards, many of my friends asked me, how to make friends in Zhejiang now? What can use and learn things and mid forum. So, take some time to share with you today:

I understand that the forum in the development, continue to carry out various online activities for members to participate in, recently, they planned a prize playing floor activities, to enhance member participation and popularity of the website. Specifically:

time: 6.15 am -6.17

floor: 10000 floor

winning floor:

prizes: order of the forum N, UID Liang N, VIP guest N, q-coins package 5, package 2 calls, 3G mobile phone 1

what are the criteria and considerations for event planning,


1 kick time:

Zhejiang dating this event scheduled time is 6.15 am -6.17 on 24 points, so time is chosen because most people use the Internet to limited time, lasted for a long time to understand and participate in the evening members during the day, not to let the members lose opportunities. Therefore, the choice of floor time must be reasonable, in line with the laws of most members of the Internet is very important. If possible, the floor will be arranged for the weekend.

2 floor of the main floor of the building

floor floor to set up a lot of things to consider, such as the total number of members of the forum itself and the flow, the length of the kick floor, the premise of publicity, prizes, etc.. We hope that in the planning process, as far as possible to consider the full.

3 winning floor set

this is more closely linked to the activities and prizes, according to the type and value of the prizes set at different levels.

4 prizes set


prize is set to the theme and forum is consistent with a general set of webmaster forum is a virtual host, collector, local forum with daily necessities are Zhejiang friends set, mobile phone calls, Q coins and other relatively reasonable. The advantage is that we can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of members, so that members are interested in participating in the most important. Otherwise, it will lose the necessity of planning activities.

5 early publicity

kick floor activities can not think of the immediate implementation, to achieve full publicity, fully prepared. Here is the organizers prepared a webmaster team, sponsorship, rules and other preparations, on the other hand also includes members of the ready, because too hasty, members to react for members to participate in, to speak of.


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