The Spring Festival is Chinese apple New Year paintings a stream of air marketing

this approach is equivalent to the attitude of Apple Corp to communicate with the user.


Chen Chunhong family reunion

before we Tucao, fashion brands will Chinese stiff elements into the design, making a bunch of dumbfounding products, by contrast, although Apple had "really laugh, laugh out loud" copy black history, but this year’s spring festival marketing, apple is a stream.

Apple recently in Hongkong’s official website on China Chinese and launched a "new creation" (Made in CNY) the theme of the page, and provides 5 New Year paintings as Apple wallpaper download device. You can also see these works New Year paintings in the outdoor advertising on the part of the city.

and die hard copy, the apple is the direct use of "good luck and success in life" and "family reunion", "a bumper grain harvest", "safe and sound all year round" and "the five May there be surpluses every year., Chinese local terms as the 5 New Year paintings theme, and the creation of the five years are Chinese painting artist, and are very young.

"Spring Festival every kind of custom, is a typical New Year paintings. Five emerging Chinese artists using Apple products and a variety of app to create both the classical tradition, New Year paintings, but also bring a blessing to find everything fresh and new." Apple Corp to explain their creative ideas.


Good luck and success in life

Ni Chuanjing


Zhou fan, a bumper grain harvest


safe and sound all year round Apricot Leaves

apple please young artist New Year paintings keeps the lunar new year, China elements in the design style is not too old. Although it is an external creation, but with Apple Corp’s aesthetic and taste to maintain a certain level.

but if you look carefully, it is not difficult to see that apple is hidden in one of the small "all" in New Year paintings after the introduction of apple did not forget to list applied by the artist Apple devices, without exception, these works are from MacBook Pro New Year paintings. For example, from Yunnan Kunming designer Chen Chunhong, she used iMac, MacBook and Adobe with Photoshop, adding complex prints of her good in New Year paintings. The illustrator Ni Chuanjing is using Apple Pencil and Procreate iPad in Pro created the "" good luck and success in life sketch, color and then complete the final adjustment in MacBook Pro.


Jiang Shan more than

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