Case analysis of marketing integration of content

in today’s complex media environment, "content is king" and "integration", the two complement each other, indispensable. With the audience of different "hard" exclusion, "content" is that they loved. They will take the initiative to watch the TV play, take the initiative to go to the cinema, take the initiative to watch the video…… But they don’t take the initiative. Key content is the dissemination of the advertising information transformation, advertisers are used to break the audience psychological defense sugar coated bullet. The integrated marketing communications, is a weapon. No ammunition, no power, no weapons, no war.

what is content marketing?

The original and published

content marketing including content, published form including blogs, case analysis, white papers, videos and pictures, the main purpose is to attract customers and enhance brand awareness, showcase the company’s professional skills. Examples include entrepreneurs to share the experience with the blog, micro-blog celebrities to play micro-blog. According to the HiveFire survey, of which 82% B2B marketing professionals will use content marketing, 70% by 68% will be used to search marketing, event marketing, 64% will use public relations, 32% paper /TV/ radio advertising.


survey results showed that 78% question feedback team content marketing goal is to promote sales and establish a brand image, 28% responses showed that the main goal is to increase website traffic, 24% responses showed that the main goal is to optimize the search results.


from the case analysis and Discussion on how to carry out the integration of brand content marketing communications:

Jingdong Mall:


+ man to help Jingdong to help", the three first surprise four

2011, TV drama "FHM" aired in the East, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Beijing four TV, this is a film directed by Zhao Baogang, Honglei Sun, Huang Lei, Wang Luodan gathered a congregation of popular stars, narrating the love story between men and women’s fashion show. With the help of men, the broadcast, Jingdong mall strong in the public view. Overnight, Jingdong mall + men help + Honglei Sun triangle combination, which seems to have been everywhere. This is the Jingdong mall carefully cloth a chess game. The highlight of the whole game of chess, is a good three in advance.

first, in the drama implantation. From the beginning of the ninth episode, the Jingdong will continue to appear in the mall, according to statistics, through the plot, props, broadcasting and other forms of Jingdong a total of low-cost, fast delivery of goods delivered, formal invoice, free return, customer service attitude, and the range of goods "night" and "limit of 211 special service 7 selling point, comprehensive, in-depth, vivid display of the competitive advantage of Jingdong mall.

second, the first endorsement endorsement, which is the next step in the Jingdong mall good chess. Jingdong with Honglei Sun took the "digital articles" and "clothing articles" 2 TVC, all >

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