App promotion, how shop channel

I was a app channel promotion staff, responsible for app channel promotion, in order to give app a higher amount, I spend a lot of time in the channel, so that the first half of Yudu to do the promotion, also did not spend a penny, it is ashamed, now a lot of promotion by app money, envy, it is said that money feels good ah.

below to talk about how I shop channels, when I divided into several types of channels, the official mobile phone system stores, mobile phone manufacturers stores, operators store, third party application store, download stations, etc..

1 first big application store

to go to the store on the first big, which is the same as the sale of products, the first large-scale supermarket channels. Thus, the domestic classification of each top five stores are the general mobile phone system, mobile phone operators, mobile phone manufacturers in the store had a few, is certainly the first, followed by the third party stores, such as 360, Android, Android, Baidu app store and so on, the store is well-known, so the process ah, what background, is very convenient to upload is the way web upload, I would open a dozen pages, upload at the same time, a few minutes, a dozen bags are finished, and then is the title, introduction and description, together with the introduction and description of a app are the same, suggestions when writing the title, follow the rules of SEO, such as the title in two short words, all write 5 words, there are less than 10 words, in addition to the introduction and description, the title, or function in detail The introduction, the purpose of doing so is to facilitate the search of the spider quickly grab. The general search engine on its channels, updating fast, high weight, so when the shop large channel, SEO is sure to pay attention to, now a lot of APP in the promotion of the time, name, profile, write more chaos, to search engines, not too friendly, so the effect is not good. If in shorthand, name, description of good writing, through the search engine can also be a lot of traffic.

another big channel to upload first, the reason is very simple, large traffic is also recommended to update on Thursday, APP on Saturday, Sunday is the download peak, so the new update of the app is most likely to attract large traffic.

2 medium application channels to do a good job, to recommend a bit

large channel completed and began to spread medium channel, channel flow is medium, but very stable, if there are 100 medium-sized channels every day to the 100 day also has ten thousand activation, activation, so that the medium channel is also very important. Treatment of medium-sized channels is to strive for good resources, on the one hand, there is not so strong medium-sized channels, better talk. There is a general medium channel will be less, some may be personal station, no appetite for first-line channels so big, good work, before I contacted several medium-sized channels such as cool, music (some channels may change, the only example) etc. to talk about good, I often give the promotion app recommended >

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