College students entrepreneurial failure rate 99%! So, what urgent! The wind has passed, killed or p

Abstract: young people must succeed? Must exercise their own to the north of Guangzhou? Must be added to the logic of thinking fans to increase their brain capacity and "Bigger"? The young afraid of nothing, but why must be "


in an era of personal business model, many people have an illusion: life is a business model. Young people are afraid of getting old too fast, it is because they are too eager to grow their own, addicted to the virtual world, so that they forget the real life.


this is a time of impatience, 21 days to complete the weight loss program of 49 pounds, the completion of the task of the 1 million sales of 100 days…… These are not the speed of the internet. A second goddess and a second is the pursuit of the nouveau riche Internet era the film that income.

parents think that childhood to win at the starting line, piano, ballet, Mathematical Olympiad are indispensable. Young people believe that personal growth is equal to the establishment of business models. If the man has no signs of success, basically can feel at ease to do a spare tire. The mass media has made this simplification and label social cognition more serious.

at a university in Beijing, a graduate student entrepreneurial intention survey, 71% of the students "entrepreneurship can enable the individual to achieve growth and development" and "maximize the realization of self value" as the biggest attraction of entrepreneurship.

School of business schools become one of the 95 most labels to sit up and take notice.

you have not had time to think about the significance of early education classes, fear to "children behind the starting line" and had to drive a duck onto a perch.

is not everyone can not read in the overnight success of entrepreneurship

The model

people in the United states. Microsoft founder Bill · Gates, founder of Facebook, ·,, founder of DELL, ·, DELL,, etc., are out of business success of the people of the. But China’s first drop out of the entrepreneurial failure, but no one remembered – they fell in 2000, China’s first Internet venture bubble.

the five students who dropped out of school were: Lu Jun, Tong Zhilei, and Ma Yun (not the same as that of the other), and then, by the way of the, and by the use of the words of the author, the author of the book, and that of the students of the Tsinghua University, and that of the, and that of the author of the. President Lu Jun was the first Tsinghua University suspended business, postgraduate master’s degree in economics, because create easy ark company suspended in July 18, 1999. Their actions sparked a heated discussion in that year.

and Mark · Zuckerberg, five Tsinghua students that took 6 months to put their "cloud square" operation into personal website the largest education network. Suspended for a month after the first round of nearly 10 million yuan investment to make this team of 10 people into the rapid expansion of more than 60 employees of enterprises. Unfortunately, they met 200>

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