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recently had a start-up company called Pressfarm was founded, they promise to provide media reporters personal information, including name, email, and Twitter account, so that entrepreneurs can find journalists to report on their company, help the company to stand out in the industry.

yes, this is a business model, but it has a major problem, that is, in the industry, the most difficult is to report to your start-up company, rather than get the contact information of the reporter. In fact, in the business circles of mixed news reporters will leave their own Twitter personal information in the email. And even if there are some hidden deep reporter information, in fact, can also be found out through Google, or a better way, you can introduce their own connections.

buy journalists, consumers, or investor information, can be said to be a very bad marketing way, even in your start-up before the establishment of the company will let you suffer a big. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the common sense mistakes made by the vast majority of start-up companies before they continue to move forward, so that your team can avoid similar mistakes as much as possible.

1 news reporter hope for your product support

you need to be clear that the journalist is not a salesperson. It is not their job to help you sell products, and their job is to look for news coverage of the world.

but you have to take into account the public relations of startups in your product publishing strategy, but also remember not to rely on the news media reports to sell their products. In fact, the focus of news reports startups should let more people know about your company, and your products can solve what kind of problem, of course, media reports will also bring more traffic to your website.

and at this time, if you are providing content or information service, your job is to provide users with an ideal user experience, but also the only way to make more visitors back to your website, or go back to your content service. If you provide a product, then you need to adopt a more meaningful way to attract users to participate in, try to use your product.

2 did not mind to get attention

you can hit all of the company’s marketing budget on paid advertising, it’s too easy. But please note that it is because it is too easy, so when you really do have to think about whether or not to do so.

we find that more and more consumers are starting to hate paid advertising marketing. No matter what you want to enter the industry, you know, there will be many competitors exist, and they can spend more money than you get attention. With this in mind, you can try some other ways, such as

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