You should learn micro-blog marketing

let us look back at the Chinese market, it is not difficult to see the shining star – micro-blog marketing!

gradually, three years micro-blog also seems to fade out of people’s vision, replaced by something, but it is undeniable that time micro-blog marketing benefits the very influential, so many companies have started to carry out the size of this type of marketing. Problems will appear, there will always be successful, some people lost.

let’s take a look at the four characteristics of the so-called micro-blog marketing:

1: I think this is one of the biggest features of micro-blog, you will think of it or your new products directly through micro-blog show in front of people, can better get people’s trust and interest.

2 immediacy: amazing speed of propagation and spread, so that micro-blog information in a short period of time to form fission spread. We know that in the micro-blog world, speaking speed, we first thought of China Red Cross, in a short period of two days in the blog how millions of fans, comments is soaring 20W, imagine, if you reach this point of the enterprise, the brand effect can also be said to be ahead of.

3 interactivity: I think this is a more important feature of micro-blog. Whatever your views on the wrong, regardless of your product quality is good or not, if you show up, the public comment qualifications, everyone is a disseminator, but also the audience, enterprises should seize this kind of interactivity, brand information transmission.

4 accuracy: general attention to your micro-blog is for you or your business products are interested, it is necessary to remember that this is your intention of customers, if maintained, that is loyal customers.


so how to do a good job of micro-blog marketing how to make good use of these features micro-blog on this issue, the author summed up the 5 points, as well as the way to solve these 5 points:

1 to create high popularity micro-blog. First, you have to ask: how do you want to find out which groups are your target customers, clear goals, to seize the heart of the target, is expected to resonate. Like I have a post wrote: argue have resonance! How to find customers? Is very simple, you can go to your competitors or similar to your blog blogger there, attracted his fans to your micro-blog. Remember, this is not opportunistic, this is the strength of the show.

2 to create the official corporate micro-blog. Here I advocate a method is to transform. Explain what is the use of personal popularity to the official micro-blog micro-blog, because we know the first, you seize the hearts of customers, customers have to interest you, then the next step is to interface from the official micro-blog transaction. But what you need to do is insist!

The interaction of

3 with micro-blog products. Through certain means, activities, to increase popularity. No one came running to buy your things. People always have a cheap Heart

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