Lu Xiaodong talk about my understanding of the use of QQ promotion

QQ this tool, for many years in the Internet. Webmaster friends, should not be unfamiliar, which may be many people or the QQ brand growth witness. In my personal understanding to the Tencent, QQ, and most of the 5 shorter QQ number in addition to the Tencent team early members, in addition to Tencent operations team early internal members, the majority concentrated in the early contact with the Internet, in this circle of people should still hidden in some of the best QQ. This can be confirmed by several webmaster friends QQ numbers.

QQ is the largest number of people registered in the country, you can not MSN, no phone number, you will not have no QQ number. This period of time in the guest network marketing college, I learned from the company’s consulting teacher over there, they in consulting work, usually will first consider recording QQ, ask the mobile phone no.. Because consultants believe that as long as the people who can leave QQ, and then to their mobile phone number is very easy. Even if you do not leave the phone number, through the QQ platform, this tool can find him anywhere.

Tencent with a web portal, QQ game platform, QQ instant messaging chat software, from the beginning of 1998, to customer value to the purpose, continue to meet the needs of users, the convenience of users, meet the users, nowadays, Internet has occupied half of the country, and the ones still in constant expansion to other areas, such as: network game QQ, web games, music, SNS community, C2C business platform and so on, this does not introduce more Tencent, I believe many people know more about the Tencent than me, understand the development of QQ, emphasize that the Tencent said so much power and advantage, is to understand the Tencent platform and tools is of great value.


, introduced to me the tools to QQ understanding, I believe that how to use QQ chat tools on the platform, online promotion, promotion of the article on the use of QQ is not much, but I dare say, following the promotion means, you know and not to recognize its value. In the QQ to do a lot of ways to promote, the key is how to reasonably and effectively use these means to expand the network, the network marketing process is a crucial step.


a bit low: QQ through email, QQ group, QQ friends, QQ email marketing information, QQ space message, log comments, plus QQ a robot, then to add friends, then a robot can quickly send promotional information etc.. These methods should be a lot of people know, many people have used, but not the disadvantage of this method is effective, if the advertising intention obvious, it is easy to arouse resentment and hate, especially to do so is not very familiar, light is added to the blacklist, junk mail, heavy as Tencent website directly to the blacklist. It is understood that if a QQ is reported by many people, your QQ may need to contact the customer service Tencent and then log on again, this is a friend of my body

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