Xbox One Indie Games Break Free From Dude Bro

first_img These days remembering the heights of the Xbox 360 era feels cruel given the current state of Microsoft’s hardware. But the console truly deserves an immense amount of credit of making the idea of playing indie games on console something gamers could accept. It’s helped countless game developers succeed as well as help countless gamers experience new and interesting experiences.So while the Xbox One may not currently be the talk of the town, and certainly not the exclusive home for indies, it does still have a strong indie lineup through the ID @ Xbox program. And here is just a sample of what we got to play GDC 2018, excluding games almost Nintendo-esque in terms of creative whimsy, something once unheard of on the console that Master Chief built.Flipping DeathFlipping Death maybe tries too hard to be funny but when your core premise is as strong as “you play as the accidental temp for the Grim Reaper” it’s okay if not all of your jokes land. Everything about the game is exaggerated, from its flippant take on death to its gonzo cartoon sense of humor to its macabre Tim Burton atmosphere to its cut-out theatrical puppet show of an art style to even the surprisingly split gameplay styles. The world of death is an intricate and interconnected platforming stage where you jump and warp with your scythe opening passages and finding collectibles. But the mundane mortal world plays like an adventure game where you find and use specific items to solve logic puzzles. Fortunately, each side keeps the other from getting too deathly boring.WargrooveAt this point it’s easier to list the the ways Wargroove differs from Nintendo’s classic Advance Wars turn-based combat series. You can capture cities instantly but occupied cities fight back first. And you can move a powerful commander unit with unique skills on the battlefield but if it dies it’s game over, like Fire Emblem. Aside from that though if you know and love Advance Wars you already know if you know and love Wargroove’s strategy tactics.Bomber CrewIt’s still crazy to me that airplanes that shoot guns was something we consistently managed to produce with only WWII-era technology. But Bomber Crew lets you feel how complex controlling a machine like that must be. You don’t pilot the plane you command the crew, manage them really. Have the pilot lock onto the waypoint to keep on path. Make sure gunners spot enemies to save yourself from damage. Strategically raise and lower altitude. And if you fail your task, there’s still glory in coming home safe and sound. It’s a lot of plates to spin, but you’ll no doubt learn them as you attempt run after run in the FTL-style roguelite progression system.Harold HalibutI unfortunately didn’t get to play Harold Halibut but even just looking at someone else play it was enrapturing enough. What Cuphead is to old-timey cartoons this surreal sci-fi adventure game is to claymation. The main character looks like if Javier Bardem stumbled into the Wallace and Gromit universe. The dev team explained their technical breakthroughs, figuring out how to scan 3D handmade objects and give them the perfect texture before applying motion capture, and the results are some of the most stunning visuals I’ve seen in a video game indie or otherwise. And to think they only did this because they couldn’t draw.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form last_img

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