Marketing is to promote the product n fact, the technology can also improve the product marketing

has a friend to talk to me with the promotion, first said a pile of the need for the main theme of soft Wen, the last sentence: "I do not value this. Plainly, there is a lack of technology or technology, if doing great, do not need what soft packing."


today millet is in open conference, circle of friends has been discussed to buy millet smart scales, millet patchboard, concerned about the millet weight "is because the weight is always cannot avoid the concerns of women, while millet chaxianban are concerned it is because the small and light, there are three USB another function inserted line port.

After the

millet products successfully some analysis of user experience, some analysis of hunger marketing, product marketing or heavy are the last two aspects to promote each other, forming a promotion mode of millet existing interactive marketing: the ultimate version of media attention and discussion, the spontaneous spontaneous user driven.

familiar with the Internet circle of people know that this is the content of marketing is, both can not let go, only the success of the marketing can fire a fire not a world without content, not only the content of marketing products for best results, by word of mouth, eventually forming a minority party climate, the worst outcome is a play of marketing push, Liangshan counterparts to complete failure.

many people think that marketing is, in fact, this is the product technology, both of which can really ", not just marketing officials shield one another" can add color to the products, technology can also turn to support marketing skills.

good marketing nothing more than push the product to the masses, was recognized by the public, and good technology has been promoting the role of marketing.

make marketing advertising more moving

if you use Gaozhan technology let each presentation with moving pictures.


technology to design the Internet bigwigs circle of friends several popular, draw the strategic layout of the Internet giants seem vivid and interesting the copyfitting often twice, let readers enjoy watching content.

makes marketing more realistic

street is already beginning to send APP, Moumou Internet product leaflets, but the popularity of attribute wide, low conversion rate still limit the flyers low-end marketing position, but, like the WeChat scan room towel paper, masks and other activities, if we integrate technology into leaflets, hologram or other more attractive but and the low costs of technology such as children’s classes? Cut leaflets of a generator, there are simple classes, vocal classes can be attached to a student’s work, as to what the APP promotion, in addition to put WeChat two-dimensional code in the leaflet is not set, can also include an interesting promotion video entry?

future: intelligent marketing

smart products are constantly being disseminated in our life, why not consider technology and marketing will be simple and effective, the formation of a set of intelligent marketing theory ?

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