iPad smuggling ring of housewives busted in China

first_imgA crew rolling fourteen deep have just been arrested in Shenzhen, smuggling $143,000 mobile phones and iPads into mainland China, but no hardened gang of cut throats here: instead, it was a gadget smuggling crew comprised entirely of house wives.One woman in particular was caught smuggling over 65 mobile phones by strapping them to her body underneath her clothes. Another 20 were stored away in her handbag. Most of these phones were models either not available or more heavily taxed within China.AdChoices广告The iPad, of course, is a popular item for smugglers running between Hong Kong and China. While the WiFi model is available widely through China, the iPad 3G isn’t available for sale due to local laws. Additionally, China collects an aggressive tax on every iPad sold, as well taxing iPads carried into the country by foreigners.According to authorities, the women were recruited by a ring of Chinese smugglers and were payed around 200 yuan, or just $30, for each run they made across the border.Read more at Wall Street Journallast_img

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