Here are the reasons why Dry January is the smart choice

first_imgARE YOU ON the dry for January?Stay strong. We’ve got your back. Every time a friend tries to tempt you into the pub, just send them this love letter to Dry January from – we’ll soften their cough for you.1. You’re brokeThe festive season has left you counting your pennies, and there’s still a few more bills to go. No big nights out means big savings. YOU’RE DOING THE RIGHT THING HERE. Source: Imgur2. December left you a shell of your former selfEveryone gets run down during winter at the best of times, but especially when the party season is in full swing to take it out of you. Give yourself a break now, good man/woman yourself. 3. ProductivityYou’re going to get SO much done this month. That to-do list is going to shrink and you’re going to feel all the better for it. Stay strong, all that DIY around the house needs doing and Dry January is the ideal time to do it. Source: Some Ecards4. Hangover-free weekendsThe rare, mythical beast. Source: Fiona Hyde/DailyEdge.ie5. Unbeatable smugnessAnd one of the best parts? Batting away Dry January with your sense of self-satisfaction at your own restraint – not to mention the fact you’ve no hangover, more money, healthier and super-productive. Haters, keep moving. Haters gonna hate. Strut on Source: Imgur6. Sweet anticipationAnd, of course… The suspense leading up to February. Source: ImgurWhat do you reckon to Dry January? Are you doing it this year? If so, feel free to share this to increase the smug factor. Read: The 10 stages of FOMO>Read: Your Definitive Guide To Being Too Old To Be Out Tonight>last_img

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