Two years of experience in network promotion

as a new network to promote the industry, is well aware of its lack of experience, in the two months of work has been through a lot of promotion articles, a list of some predecessors also really promote the implementation of direction, and the direction of trust for everybody is familiar (blog, forum, QQ group Ruan Wen), the specific work, also adopted the method, but the general feeling did not find the right direction, mediocre results.

the first to talk about the site currently pushing it, sub Ming IT outsourcing services, customer service is the former site of the company, the contents are relatively old, because the company’s customers often visit, so also did not have too much adjustment on the page; the latter site is currently being re construction, will pass through it to build service the brand image of enterprises.

in the two months of work, mainly uses the method of combining blogs and forums to advertise, original articles and blogs regularly, often visit friends and blog, bloggers Interactive Commentary, people visit, improve their own views of the blog, in the blog set up less than a week’s time, GG search "Ming" (our company name) has received second page ranking, the ranking of course not much value, but is still in the preliminary stage of the new, far-reaching significance. The forum is to follow the state propaganda replies, adding their own company links in the signature, in the future may consider making some original articles and forum friends.


(this is the in the major search engines included)

Promotion methods before

at this stage of the work will continue, but in the blog is also in the soft writing encountered more difficulties, because of the company’s product is a service, undertake other company’s computer network maintenance work, the service products are difficult to describe, others can not see touched, it is difficult to have a deep understanding, each encounter a need to update the article when a headache, I do not know what direction to write. Some of the methods written by predecessors in this paper is difficult to replicate, encountered a big problem in the operation, such as some network hot events speculation, it is difficult to fit with the company’s products, each day to visit more number of sites IP bleak, has been puzzling over solution. Read a lot of webmaster online articles, today also deliberately write a work experience and problems, to ask you predecessors.

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