Experience website promotion see

this year the site has exceeded the number of cattle, so the promotion website, more and more difficult. According to their own experience, I summed up a few points for your reference:

a navigation site login

two, friendship connection

three, search engine landing ranking

four, online advertising

five, mail advertising


viral marketing

seven, BBS publicity

eight, event promotion

This is

above that several methods are too simple but also a waste of energy, when I use the effect is not obvious, then a friend recommended I use pop + exchange chain, its powerful platform, free to change the background page, the DIY code can be customized to save, also can use the keyword search, and points out the entry point display list, pop style diversification, prime time bidding and so on, and it has several models for customers to choose 1 super pop mode: XPsp2 breakthrough, 3721 (YAHOO assistant), GOOGLE tools three blocking popups tool.

DIY text chain:

1, compact mode: free set width, height, column, line, font color, left and right floating.

2, loose mode: free set width, height, column, line, font color, floating around.

3, graphic mixed exchange mode (big picture): temptation, theme, click rate is high, free DIY.

4, graphic mixed exchange mode: let the webmaster have more choices, theme strong, free DIY.

5, offline mode: introduce members to join more surprises.


program uses: fixed page, IP filtering and URL detection to prevent the traditional EMU method, also uses a variety of SESSION, s and two click authentication technology, a creative method to completely eliminate the EMU behavior, fair and reasonable! And their daily routine inspection found that the quality is not qualified. 100% based on the 12 (hourly count) hours IP anti cheating

has done so many years of the website, I think the use of pop + exchange chain is the most direct and effective way.

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