See from the car to raise Kurt why environmental protection can also raise public!

today on the Internet occupation circle saw an article "Kurt car, green travel, green can also raise the public?", is the main content of the author is not optimistic about the vehicle to Kurt skateboard bags "green travel" slogan to participate in all the chips, and lists the three major reasons are summarized as follows:

1 environmental protection products, praised, this is a fact.

2 to raise public environmental projects, it is the mainstream of things, how to play.

3 "environmental protection" as the starting point for environmental protection to raise, users are willing to produce high cost pay


can not be denied, the article lists the three reasons have their reasons, but Peng Jinjie believes that the author of the article is too one-sided, not enough to see. Why do you say that?

1 green travel, is really selling green it is just a feature of the product only, and this is just one of the characteristics of it. So the author is too one-sided.

2 users do not want to produce the high cost of environmental protection "bill", but certainly there are people willing to pay for the practical. If only because of environmental protection increased the cost of the product, the user does not pay the possibility, but we must be aware of the implications of "green travel, green travel is beneficial to the user if the trip, the convenience of users, so this is the function of the product is useful, practical products, users may also pay for the product. Plainly, the user is to pay the product function.

very simple example: Peng Jinjie saw "Kurt car, green travel, green can also raise the public?" this article in detail to search for such a product immediately after the search this product information on the Internet, because Peng Jinjie thought that this product is used for himself, is practical, is there is a demand for products, also have the desire to buy.


Peng Jinjie is working personnel, and is in Shenzhen City, traffic congestion, commuting daily traffic to 1 hours or so, if the trip products are Kurt cars so the skateboard bags, will not work on the crowded bus, and with luggage, can also be used to place some work items, the should the heart, will want to buy.

, however, not all people can understand this product uses, features, such as…… this product travelers travel, business travelers travel, boarding, schoolbag…… is suitable, then these people to see whether these products will use this product on the bright white


no doubt, not all users see such products will be able to understand the use of this product, whether applied to them in an article I "before the product design: attention, impress the user’s heart" also mentioned that Peng Jinjie thinks to need to do 2 points:

1 according to the product features, functions, analysis of the product

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