Google venture capital investment tourism website Triptrotting100 million


Triptrotting user information page, focusing on culture, taste and user evaluation.

site name: Triptrotting (

headquarters: California, USA

on-line time: 2011

Grubwithus let website as dinner delicacy to dinner for lovers to friends fellow start-up companies Triptrotting hopes its travel platform, let visitors up to communicate with the local people, tourists get the convenience and cost savings, the local people can also gain new friends.

Triptrotting said this idea as early as March 2008 began to produce, forming in July 2010, on-line last year, has covered more than 2 thousand cities in 150 countries. Recently also raised $1 million in the A round of financing, investors include Google venture capital, McClure angel investors, such as Dave 500 Startups. Triptrotting financing amounted to $1 million 300 thousand.

Triptrotting promised to let the user is no longer a clueless traveler, it is simple to say is this: when the user will go on a trip, you can find a local person to accompany in Triptrotting, for example, according to the interest information to fill in the screening, and can live in the other family, and go out with each other visit or dining etc..

Triptrotting vision is to allow users of both sides of the different cultural backgrounds in the face or shadow of the way to deepen the understanding of the operation, they attach great importance to immigration, international journalists, students and other groups.

for travelers, Triptrotting service looks very good, but for locals, it insisted that the cultural exchange, perhaps not much attraction. So Triptrotting allows users to charge service fees to travelers.

just like Airbnb had happened to rent the landlord tenant thing, Triptrotting must take into account security. It clearly requires the user to judge independently, while taking measures to verify the identity of the member, and to join the local entourage and the evaluation mechanism of travelers. Moreover, Triptrotting is currently facing some of the universities and professional institutions, hoping to reduce the risk of meeting strangers, while making it easier for travellers to find like-minded friends.

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