Stationmaster net broadcast Ali cloud to recruit Taobao customer commissions soared to 15%

1 Taobao Ali cloud then recruiting guest commissions soared to 15% 

news June 4th, learned billion state power network, in order to further expand the Ali cloud customer base, Taobao intends to raise Ali mother off promotion efforts, trading commissions have increased from 12% last year to 15%.

it is understood that the average price of a single copy of Ali cloud orders higher than 1500 yuan, and the return of the lowest Commission of 15% transactions. After that, Ali mother will be for Taobao customers, the use of the ladder to return the Commission, and will launch a targeted promotion plan.

previously, Ali cloud official announced a sharp reduction in the entire region of Qingdao cloud product prices, including cloud servers, relational database services, cloud storage, CDN, the average decline of 10%.

2 national top-level domain.CN return to China for 20 years

this year is the 20 year of the country’s top domain name.CN return to china. Yesterday, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) held a news conference to celebrate the return of the national domain name.

May 21, 1994, "Chinese father of the Internet" and Professor Qian Tianbai of University of Karlsruhe professor Zorn Werner of Germany, to assist the computer network information center Chinese academy completed China top-level domain name.CN server settings, change the.CN top-level domain name server Chinese has been on the history of foreign countries. From the perspective of national security, once a particular event occurs, if the foreign domain name for our company no longer provide DNS, then all of our businesses and individuals registered the domain name will not be resolved, can not be accessed. The.CN domain name you can take certain measures to ensure the country still can run in both directions unblockedly. (end)

3 this year, has been involved in the investigation of the site of the next yellow more fierce  

of the national anti pornography Office of the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security and other four departments jointly issued a notice in April 13th, in the fight against online pornographic information pornography · nationwide; net net 2014 special action.

why do you want to start this special action? What progress made special action to combat Internet pornography? How to administer? The day before, the national Internet Information Office official told the Xinhua News Agency reporters interview.

in accordance with the overall deployment of the national network information office, the information content across the Internet sector organizations in charge of a comprehensive clean news sites, commercial websites, social platforms, search engine sites and pornographic information on the mobile client; the central focus of news sites and commercial sites in accordance with the requirements to carry out a comprehensive self-examination, released an undertaking not to morbid hits.


4 Tencent dominate the Internet: ban easecredit from Q domain name &> Wang Xiaobing

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