Know the presence of nternet Security Conference Network Security Forum

in just the end of the 2015 Chinese Internet Conference third "2015 China network security forum", "safer Internet plus" concept of Network Information Office leadership highlighted. The central network office leaders pointed out that in the situation Internet plus, network security situation is still very grim. To guarantee the "Internet plus" strategy to promote the smooth, must be to protect the security and development, promote the development of security, innovation and development of network security industry and enterprise network security is particularly important.


2015 China Network Security Forum held

coincidentally, as early as April 29th of this year for the first time in network security, Beijing KnownSec Information Technology Co. Ltd. announced the company location update from "better and safer Internet" as "safer Internet plus", and won the second huge investment Tencent. As a leading enterprise of the domestic web security field, KnownSec half moves frequently, not only heavy launch Chong Yu shield stars such products, the Internet Security Alliance Security also use its operation in the protection of Internet users (the largest number of domestic network security platform for data sharing and exchange) in a number of innovative initiatives.


know Chong Yu company CTO Yang Jilong delivered a speech

in the 2015 China Network Security Forum, know Chong Yu company CTO Yang Jilong attended and delivered a speech. The use of search engine ZoomEye know Chuangyu company independent research and development of network space ("Kui’s eye"), Yang Jilong told attendees to visually demonstrate the bleeding heart loophole anniversary vulnerabilities repair countries. By ZoomEye big data analysis results, only for the bleeding heart of the high-risk vulnerabilities countries within a week, in January, a year after the repair rate and the situation, we can intuitively analyze a ranking of countries in the network security emergency response ability.

Yang Jilong pointed out that network security has become a national security strategy, President Xi said: there is no national security network security". Looking at the current emergency response and vulnerability to the world of network security repair capacity, network security industry China the urgent need to enhance network security awareness, strengthen self construction, product innovation and talent culture, in order to "Internet plus" escort. As a "Internet plus" under the background of the industry recognized "the next generation network security company, know Chuangyu security technology accumulation not only has the international level, but in the product innovation level, and the importance of safety training, to ensure the safety of ready to serve the national network.


know by creating a strong support for the new book network security officially released

in the "2015 China Network Security Forum", by the electronic industry publishing house produced a new book "network security – can not afford to lose the network war >

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