Four departments jointly launched Jian Wang action against nternet piracy

reporter Zhang Hongbing in the national copyright law enforcement supervision work of the forum was held in June 10th in Fujian Xiamen meeting, the State Copyright Bureau copyright department director Yu Cike said, "Jian Wang 2015" special action in investigating major cases of illegal websites as the focus, outstanding music, film and television, news dissemination, games, literature, and other works of software piracy increase of Internet piracy, administrative penalties and criminal punishment according to the law of cyberspace governance, purify the environment of Internet copyright, Internet copyright ecological optimization.

according to the State Council in 2015 to combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods work deployment, the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security decided from June 2015 to November to carry out the eleventh hit network infringement piracy special "sword action", and on the development of network music copyright, special rectification actions the network cloud storage space copyright special rectification actions, the intelligent mobile terminal third party application key (APP) piracy special rectification action, regulate the network advertising alliance special rectification actions, regulate network reproduced copyright order, copyright protection work to strengthen the digital publishing content.

Yu Cike said, "Jian Wang 2015 special action has five key tasks: one is to carry out the standardization of network music copyright special rectification action, strengthen law enforcement of copyright on the music website, crack down without music licensing piracy, self-discipline and mutual promoting music website copyright authorization, the establishment of network music copyright in good order the operation and ecology; two is to carry out the standard storage space network cloud copyright special rectification action, promote key network cloud storage enterprises to carry out self correction on the copyright issues, resolutely to piracy network cloud storage space use of illegal activities, to curb the use of storage space network cloud piracy momentum; the three is to carry out combat intelligent mobile terminal third party applications (APP) piracy campaigns, enterprise applications and application specification The copyright order of the store; four is to carry out the standardization of network advertising alliance special rectification action, to provide support for the online advertising alliance intentional piracy investigation, the guidance of the large online advertising alliance to establish copyright protection mechanism; five is to further standardize the network reproduced copyright order, strengthen copyright protection of digital publishing content, strengthen the Internet media copyright supervision, severely punished illegal behavior of unauthorized reprint, spread the works of others piracy, protect and promote the traditional publishing and new media integration and development.

Jian Wang 2015 special action is divided into four stages: from June 1st to 30, the deployment stage for the work reported throughout the work plan and implementation plan; July 1st to 31 days for the clean-up inspection stage, around the organization and guidance of key Internet companies to carry out self correction activities, find the piracy problem; from August 1st to October 31st for the centralized rectification stage, around according to the transfer and collect clues to carry out combat operations, increase law of administrative punishment and criminal punishment, focused on investigating a number of major cases; November 1st.

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