QQ public number opened again in October 10th, teach you to get Q code

you must not miss the opportunity! Because of the high quality content media open platform account released by Tencent, Tencent will be pushed to the client, news client, daily express, Tencent.com Mini homepage and Tencent such as micro-blog, what is not to be thought of, advertising, a lot less fee before sitting on the 800 million news! Active users of the public number QQ in September 16th opened the "limited beta, not surprisingly, turned out. Now a number of QQ public places, the market price has reached 6500…

QQ public number relative to the WeChat public number optimization improvements, this is not WeChat!

1 timing group, remove all kinds of hidden dangers, everyone’s time is free.

2 material mass revocation, had to say quite humane.

The interactive analysis of

3 includes the session window and menu statistics

4 user characteristics – young. Young users on the QQ is of great value, after all, no matter from which point of view, young that the future.

5 in the push of the bottom of the article will have a "attention" button, very beneficial to the user experience.

Q code Q code just no shortcuts, no one can be the first time the audit will be sold, please don’t waste the time, with the most practical methods that you can get a love public number


submit registration to obtain Q Code:

1 browser mp.qq.com enter the QQ public number login page, log in with their QQ number

2, find the bottom blue entrance.



3 jump to QQ public number platform to get the invitation code information registration page, fill in, the previous operating experience is useful!


We will look at the

QQ public before preemption, Tencent to help recommend, the fans are not tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands every day, more than million increase in the number of articles to read and reproduced! Also share a lot of tens of thousands, so the opportunity is very important, than you to push much more convenient, the effect is surprisingly good!

this article from the QQ public recommendation platform http://s.qqgzhonghao.com/ hand release, please specify

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