Earthquake relief personal webmaster can do

5.12 Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake has occurred for about four days. In these days I’m not in the mood to update the site are in no mood to think what Wangzhuan, in the face of life, these are not worth mentioning. The number of victims at the daily rising statistics, who rescued the survivors who lost loved ones, so far still buried in the rubble of the people without hearing a word about, I can understand their pain, like all good people, my heart is bleeding.

I want to say now, it is difficult to smooth the hearts of the people in the disaster area. Those who lost their parents lost their children lost lovers lost friends in the disaster area people, I hope they can be strong and brave. Live well, it is best to pay homage to the victims of the family. It is gratifying to note that the central government attaches great importance to the National People’s love pull, the general secretary of the prime minister visited the front line, good people to donate money, disaster relief efforts…… Sad and moved, I can not help but think of what they should do, we should do a large number of personal webmaster.

I will own 51 movie network ( website LOGO plus 5.12 of the bitter markers in the website bulletin called netizens Our wills unite like a fortress. pray for the people of disaster areas, together with the blessing. A lot of post earthquake relief news video. Such as we do not have any personal grassroots webmaster, site visits are not large, unlike the 163 donation list as appealing. But we have a situation of the disaster areas compatriots heart, we have for the earthquake relief work as a heart as a force, even a modest. Chinese personal website can pop up a world famous Taobao, can win a controversial 3721, can feed the technician so many SP operators…… The disaster, as long as each individual owners can have a little bit of practical action, I believe that the people of the disaster area can bring no small help.

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