Free Cinema 4D Textures and Materials

first_imgGive your projects realistic surfaces with the following FREE Cinema 4D textures and materials!In this post we’ve rounded up the best sites online to grab some free Cinema 4D textures and materials!  Using a lifelike texture will add greater realism to your Cinema 4D renders!  Now that Cinema 4D  (Lite) has integration with Adobe After Effects you can expect to see quite a bit more C4D love here on the blog!Start building your free Cinema 4D texture library !1.  Industrykidz Free Cinema 4D TexturesThe first two free C4D material packs by “Industrykidz” are free to download over at Deviant Art. A nice range of unique textures with shine:Download C4D texture pack 1 here.Download C4D texture pack 2 here.2. Free Cinema Objects, Textures & MaterialsThe folks over at C4D Exchange have quite a FREE Cinema 4D elements for download. While you’re there check out their Cinema 4D tutorials and more complex 3D models for sale (many for as low as $1). 3. MotionSquared Free Cinema 4D TexturesThis one is a whopper – over 450 free C4D textures!  Our friends at Motion Squared recently emailed in to let us know that their popular Cinema 4D texture pack is now free – a DEEP discount off the previous $100 price. To get the pack  you’ll need to sign up for the Motion Squared newsletter, but it seems like a small price to pay for a high quality C4D textures.4. Design Devil’s C4D TexturesA texture pack by motion designer Ivan Savkov of Design Devils. While you’re on the site be sure to check out the free tree bark texture pack.5. Cinema 4D MaterialsCinema 4D Materials is probably the most popular repository of all FREE Cinema 4D Textures and Materials online. All the downloads are free and include fabric, wood, plastic, cloth, paint and metals.6. 8 Bit Factory’s Cinema 4D Medical Shaders8 Bit Factory is a UK based design firm that specializes in 3D and motion design. This pack was created by 8 Bit Factory specifically for use in medical animations, but you could use these free CInema 4D shaders in a variety of creative ways:7. Free Cinema 4D is the largest online library of FREE C4D textures that we’ve seen and a great place to find unique materials. You will need to create a membership on the site (FREE) if you’d like to download the C4D textures:Do you know a great online resource for FREE Cinema 4D textures and materials? Share links in the comments below!last_img

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