Daily topic Teng million to build a fly where the electricity supplier formally launched the 5 billi

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 3rd news, by the Tencent, Baidu, Wanda joint efforts to create a business platform to fly where the electricity supplier was on Friday (31 July) formally launched.

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, who fly open platform by the membership management platform, integration platform, intelligent alliance payment platform and marketing operation platform four management platform, with a large membership, integration, union card, big data and cloud platform support, providing coverage for membership, integration, marketing, payment management services to the shopping center and businesses. At the same time, to find a shop, parking, queuing and smart movies and other experiential scenes, through intelligent hardware and software solutions, the construction of digital shopping centers.

to build the vast magnificent Wanda electricity supplier website, the Wang Jianlin plan is three years to invest 5 billion yuan, and the introduction of Baidu and Tencent two shareholders each accounted for 15% stake in the Tencent and Baidu two Internet Co resources to do a global, the largest business platform, O2O.

at the end of 2013, Wanda has launched the "Wan ibusiness", O2O intelligent e-commerce platform located in Wanda Plaza, the business covers general merchandise, delicacy, theater, KTV and other fields, to provide the latest real-time square to users, business information, shopping guide, discount, movie information, delicacy, integral query group purchase gift exchange, a full range of information and services. But the project on the line, did not cause too much attention.

at present, fifast has established a unified large membership system, by the end of June 2015, fifast has a registered membership of nearly 60 million, the future through the integration of Teng million members of the system, the total number of members will be more than 1 billion; fifast common integration alliances has signed more than 6 thousand and 900 businesses, many well-known enterprises ranking and finance, aviation, communication and the Internet business in the forefront of the field to establish a strategic partnership, the establishment of a comprehensive and in-depth integration of business cooperation, alliance members together to provide the most competitive advantage of resources.

line, fifast will further open up the Tencent, Baidu and Wanda resources, provide the perfect scene experience for the vast number of consumers, at the same time to build the whole business management platform open, the number of registered users completed 100 million years, completed with 370 large commercial center cooperation, extensive services in major shopping malls and home complex help business entities from the line, "long", a full range of business entities for grafting networking, the rapid realization of Internet plus".

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