Buy domain name backlog serious over 5000 buy network to participate in the shuffle




Hype cycle (development law periodic curve)

"in any industry there hype cycle curve, the current domestic group purchase is in the second phase of the curve, from peak to trough." To optimize CEO network group purchase aggregator anchenghai said. It is reported that, in order to reduce operating costs, downsizing downsizing personnel structure has swept the major buying companies. Handle, including Wo Wo Group, 24 coupons, line the site are involved, to handle network as an example, after the National Day holiday, a 2400 layoffs personnel plan into the implementation phase, let employees feel insecure. More industry sources said that the country’s top ten buy site among them, there are 70% layoffs, otherwise it will fall into the difficult position before the arrival of this winter.


U.S. mission network said the above factors rose 10 times

as part of the domestic group purchase network to take multiple fund-raising, rapid expansion, in this way a wounding grab market share, leading to other peers forced to follow the strategy, the market effect of "bad money drives out good money". Tap the market potential, but also left the crux of poor reputation, in August the number of complaints to buy a new high, an increase of 7.3%, up to more than 1316.

affected the landslide trend, old Wang Sing Trading Group purchase domain market becomes increasingly deserted, prices from the highs, a lot of "rice farmers" in the hands of the backlog of domain devaluation serious, or even a decline of 50% of praise. There is accumulation of a large number related to the domain name "rice farming" said unexpected group purchase cold wave comes so suddenly, let people know what to do. One from Shenzhen’s rice farmers said they had held more than 50 group purchase domain, in the current market, loss has reached hundreds of thousands of yuan.

although the two or three lines of the city group purchase market has not yet developed based on depth, have great potential for development, the domestic group purchase market prospects continue to be optimistic, but there is no corresponding industry standards or clear industry guidelines, so many investors wait-and-see mood is strong. Many rice farmers also have the same mentality, prefer to hold stocks to watch is not cheap sale, the domestic well-known domain name registration organization China Nobel said that unlike stamps, metal currency investment goods, the sale of the domain name is more of a speculative nature. Not only the test of investors’ eyes and creativity, also need to know the precise time, only to see the market context, to stand, and maximize the benefits of investment.

Since the

group purchase website to spread the second wave of reshuffle will further purify the market environment, most only in small area as the "base" of the local network group purchase after a period of soy sauce.

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