Baidu seal station should be abandoned for the charity

recently, Baidu CCTV reported, and some Baidu owners also took the opportunity to have a grudge will jump out, will spearhead alignment again Baidu, Baidu Dabao "sealing station scandal", the voices can be heard without end.

from Baidu’s perspective, in times of heavy penalties are not wrong. Because the search engine is facing the biggest technical problem is spam and cheating. Baidu spokesman said: if the search engine can not win this technology war with spam, the search industry will be destroyed by spam." But on the other hand, in the absence of a strong industry associations or laws and regulations in the case of Baidu’s blocking strategy is not too harsh?

Baidu strict "stop" strategy, although there are good reasons, but still reminiscent of the spring and Autumn period when Shang Yang. As a representative of the legalist school ", Shang Yang officials in the implementation of the harsh law of Qin, the people made a little mistake would be cut off hands, nose, and even system, a crime related to him will be affected, but also wide than tell the secret. The result, Shang Yang’s reform has laid the foundation for the prosperity of the state of Qin, and he did offend too many people, the last being wumafenshi, ending up distraught.

then, as Baidu Chinese Internet world leader, whether the closure of the station on the issue of "abandoning Legalism and benevolence? We look at a specific example. A webmaster told the media, after knowing for cheating by "sealing station", he wrote a letter to Baidu executives, sincerely admit a mistake, and guarantee not to repeat, request each other to a reincluding opportunity. However, a few days later, he received only a cold programmed reply. Then, he again sent a letter to Baidu, can receive the letters and the first letter of reply the same. Finally, he had to walk on the road against Baidu.

imagine if Baidu implementation of the Confucian "Huairen state", to those who accidentally slip the webmaster to start with a clean slate opportunity, perhaps, we will not see on the Internet so much criticism of Baidu seal station voice and emotional abuse.

If Baidu

with a broader range of Huailai towards the thousands on thousands of webmaster, in keeping with its strong deterrent for cheating at the same time, to guide their orderly perhaps, a respected and beloved Baidu will soon appear.

Baidu managers, is to take "Huairen rule" time, to the general mind of the sea to treat the webmaster!

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