Video website through late spring coldness

warm spring in March, many domestic video website managers feel it is a bit cold, "temperature" decreased from SARFT announced days before a "blacklist". SARFT announced the 20 Internet audio-visual program service checks: 32 video website content due to violation was warning punishment; 25 sites were ordered to stop video services; 5 websites have not engaged in qualification of Internet information service without offering internet audio-visual program, to telecommunications management department.

analysts said, SARFT announced the "black list", make the risk investment cautious investors, small video site financing more difficult. In addition, is currently in the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs license" issued a critical period, with a "tainted" video website can obtain license prospects worrying.

venture capital deterred the future loss of

is currently very few domestic video website profit, the majority is in "burn" stage, so to get VCs favor is the decisive factor in the development of. However, since the end of last year, SARFT issued new regulations and the violation of the investigation and punishment, many venture capital institutions began to shift from wait and see retreat.

Analysys International analyst Gao Xiaohu said: "this year, there are 50% video sites to invest in small and medium risk investment has divestment or stagnation, more venture capital in the sidelines, the additional new investment is cautious." Meanwhile, there is news that a new round of potatoes net $50 million financing plan may be affected by the rectification door and stranded.

PPLIVE source, venture capital investment has now on the video site is very cautious, in addition to the investment site for additional investment, no investment in new incoming who intend to enter the field of Internet video business opportunities are rare. Gobi investment partner Xu Chen told reporters: at least a short time, investors will take a wait-and-see attitude to the field of investment in the video."

on the one hand is difficult financing, on the other hand, it is not only increase spending, which makes many video sites suffer. "Only a few hundred dollars per month on the bandwidth, hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the video site does not obtain financing, will be difficult to survive, "said PPLIVE.

therefore, analysts believe that 2008 will be a major reshuffle of the video site of the year, many small video sites will collapse.

black and white list associated license?

in the SARFT punishment website, is undoubtedly the biggest name. For, has received three rounds of financing, still continue to fight in the capital, but the biggest problem it faces is how to obtain the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", which is all in the "black list" in the video website of common problems.

at the end of last year issued the "Internet audio-visual program service management regulations," said the Internet Application >

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