February Chinese domain name service provider TOP24 new network share plummeting 50.92%

is reported that, as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2010, the total number of new global Internet domain is close to 3 million 500 thousand, the total number of top-level domain registration up to 205 million 300 thousand, compared with the third quarter of 2010, an increase of 1.7%. Can be seen, whether it is the new domain name or the total number of top-level domain registration in their respective tracks forward, or fast or slow. Below, IDC review of the network in February the Chinese domain name service provider of the latest situation, and we explore.


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China domain name service provider in the latest ranking among the top three rankings as in the past to nothing new: the first one is XINNET.COM (Beijing), followed by HICHINA.COM (China nets), and DNS.COM.CN (Xinwanghulian). Such rankings from 2010 to date.

overall rankings, the list of TOP24 companies in this period in addition to ranking twenty-fourth of the HUPO.COM, the remaining finalists did not change. Compared with last month, was squeezed out of the list is EDONG.COM (China E mobile network). Ranking position, EXPIRENOTIFICATION.COM (new network) fell from eleventh in January to $fourteenth this month. 4EVERDNS.COM (business Chinese), 01ISP.NET (Internet Era) and BIGWWW.COM (Chinese name) were up a ranking.

statistical data highlights this period does not fall in the rankings of TOP24, and directly projected on the XINNET.COM (new network) market share figures. January statistics, XINNET.COM (new network) market share of up to 44.9946%. In February, the market share of this period fell to 22.9145% straight, the decline of up to 50.92%. The rest of the list of market share compared with the previous period, the gap is not large. Enough to see that China’s IDC market intensified, domain name service providers are increasingly fierce competition.

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