Ganji received NOKA bluerun nearly $20 million in venture capital

after the 58 city received a $15 million investment in the last month, another life information portal Ganji ( this week announced the completion of nearly $20 million in financing. The funds from the lead investor in NOKIA growth partners and investors — now bluerun. Analysts said the classified information website is a "risk investors found paradise". founder, CEO Yang Haoyong said, will use the investment to strengthen the application of classified information in the mobile Internet, providing terminal experience seamless and convenient for users.

The classification of information users life field mainly provides

classified information website, including recruitment, housing rental, second-hand goods, car rental, pet ticket, life and business services and other kinds of life information, positioning on the localization of life services.

classified information website since 2005 the introduction of China, after the birth and development of the market for over 5 years, the strong growth momentum, has become a portal sites, search engine sites, third of the fastest growing areas of the internet. According to authoritative estimates, in 2010 the size of the classified advertising market will reach 60 billion yuan.

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